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The Somerset HER is a record of the known historic environment in the modern administrative county of Somerset (excluding Exmoor National Park). There are currently over 30,000 entries in the record.

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Ordnance Survey maps, © Crown Copyright. Somerset County Council licence 100038382. HER information, copyright and database right Somerset County Council.   Show/hide centre

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The Somerset HER

The Somerset HER is a record of the known historic environment in the administrative county of Somerset (excluding Exmoor National Park). Historically it has focussed on archaeological sites but increasingly the upstanding built environment is being recorded.

Please read the Ordnance Survey notice and Conditions of Use below.

We would welcome your feedback on the website and also any new or additional information (text or pictures) that you may wish to provide.


The information on this website is provided for information only and must not be relied on for legal or planning related work. Please contact us if you require details or would like a definitive search.

Ordnance Survey

The Ordnance Survey mapping used in this website is provided by Somerset County Council under licence from the Ordnance Survey in order to fulfil its public function to make available Council-held public domain information. Licence number 100023366. The Ordnance Survey web site can be found at www.ordnancesurvey.co.uk

Conditions of use

  1. Somerset County Council holds copyright and database right of the Historic Environment Record (HER) compiled data. The information may be freely used for private or commercial research but the source must be acknowledged.
  2. Information obtained from the HER must not be used to the detriment of the historic environment and the HER information may be withdrawn if this occurs.
  3. The information within the HER is of varying dates and origins. Whilst every effort has been made to compile an accurate record, it should not be regarded as definitive and the original sources should be consulted if necessary.
  4. There may be information concerning existing or newly discovered archaeological sites which have, as yet, not been added to the HER.
  5. The whereabouts of any artefacts, documentary sources, photographs or other material mentioned in the HER cannot be guaranteed.